Javascript Obfuscator

03/26/2022 12:00 AM

Obfuscate JavaScript online

Javascript Obfuscator is a loose tool that can be used for obfuscating JavaScript code. It is particularly used to protect the supply code of purchaser-side net programs from opposite engineering and tampering. Replica, Paste, and Obfuscator.

What's Javascript Obfuscator?

Javascript Obfuscator may be used to guard the supply code of customer-facet web applications by producing code that is difficult to examine, recognize, and regulate. This improves the security of any software that's uncovered on the internet in any manner.

What can you do with JS Code Obfuscator?


  1. It enables you to Obfuscator and Compresses your JS facts which are very tough to examine and decode or decrypt or deobfuscator.
  2. This tool permits loading the Javascript URL to Encode Hexadecimal. Click on the URL button, input the URL, and publish.
  3. Customers can also Obfuscator JS files using importing the record.
  4. Obfuscator JS online works nicely on windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, edge, and Safari.

Example of JS File

JS data

var carInsuranceCompany = {
	name: "Geico",
	market_capital: "$34.9 billion",
var carInsuranceCompanyObj = JSON.stringify(obj);
document.getElementById("insurance").innerHTML = carInsuranceCompanyObj;