ICO Converter

03/26/2022 12:00 AM

ICO Converter 

ico converter is a free online icon maker, icon builder, and favicon generator that create icon from images.  it creates icons for windows applications, android apps, or ios. You can convert PNG to ICO, JPEG to ICO, and GIF or BMP to ICO for desktop applications, favicons, or websites. it can also generate icons for the ios platform from any image file type you upload with no need to crop or edit it in other programs before uploading them on the converter.


What is an ICO?

Icons are images that contain multiple sizes. Breaking it down even further, you could store an image with alpha channels and a 16-color version for legacy systems or you could add 32 x 32 and 48 x 48 icons (which would show up when e.g. dragging a link to Windows Explorer). 

In web design, icons typically represent a website’s branding and interface. In software, icons allow users to quickly understand functions, change settings, and navigate a program. Since the late 1990s, graphics-based icons have become a standard way to make a digital product’s interface. They can be used to create both desktop and web-based applications.