HTML Minifier

03/26/2022 12:00 AM

How can we use this HTML Beautifier/formatter tool?

Steps for online formatting of HTML

  1. Input the HTML in the editor.
  2. Pick out an Indentation with space or tabs. For space, you may select the range of areas for indentation.
  3. Select Warp strains characters, like wrap after forty/70/80 or greater characters. Choose do no longer wrap to keep away from automatic wrapping
  4. Click on the layout HTML button and it's going to lay out the HTML code and display it in the output.

What is an HTML Beautifier/formatter device?

HTML Beautifier/formatter is an internet device to easily enhance your HTML code. Paste any minified codes or unindented codes and you'll get the beautified or formatted output.

Why decorate HTML code?

Beautifying minified code or unindented code helps developers to effortlessly study, understand and debug it. It also makes it simpler for developers to read different developers' codes as well.

How does this HTML-formatted device work?

This online format gear makes use of a Javascript formatting library which makes it easier to format the code. The library works with the aid of the usage of regular expressions on the source code. The ordinary expression matches the codes and adds appropriate indentations, wraps lines and gets rid of greater strains.